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Since the early 90s, I have worked with wireless technologies. My main focus has been on devices that exchanges data. Systems with machines and sensors that communicate with each other, systems that are found in different verticals, in many different use-cases.

I help companies be succesful with IoT. Throughout my career, I have been responsible for hundreds and hundreds of thousands of devices deployed across the globe.

I am a marketer, a tech geek and a senior salesman, all in one package. My driving force is curiosity, and my super-power is my know-how and experience with IoT. I love Key Notes and have had the chance to make several speeches on IoT, 5G and the impact these technologies can have on the environment.

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  1. Hej Ulf, halkade in på ditt videobloggande när jag surfade runt för att hitta mer om företagsbloggande. Skriver på en handledning (i pappersformat för att nå chefer som är ovana) om Facebook och andra sociala medier och hur de kan öka medarbetarnas etiska medvetande om vad som ok/bra att skriva om. Kan jag nämna ditt namn och företag som ex på videobloggande?

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