Is metaverse and 6G the same thing?

The metaverse is a network of virtual worlds with a focus on social connections. It is said to be the next version of the Internet with a single universal virtual world. I have defined 6G to be a technology that “unites different worlds, the human, physical and digital worlds, into one. ” SO, will 6G be the same as metaverse? Or is metaverse something else?

Keystrokes away from shutting down important systems

More and more machines and systems are being connected online, in some cases without passwords – making them accessible to people with the wrong intentions. A few years ago, I wrote an article about how Swedish Radio had noticed that connected systems could be reached relatively easily. The investigation revealed a number of shortcomings in …

4g for iot

Why do we need 5G for IoT

People sometimes ask me why we need 5G for IoT systems when it comes to IoT. After all, many people I talk to believe that IoT and low data speed are equal and that we, therefore, could use the LTE networks for IoT. I think there are a couple of misunderstandings in that kind of …

Fastighetsägare försenar

5G försenas ytterligare?

En dom fattades nyligen av högsta domstolen. Enligt domen får en operatör som idag använder sex fastigheter i Luleå för att montera upp sin basstationer ersätta sitt nuvarande hyresavtal med så kallad ledningsrätt. Detta innebär ett avbräck för fastighetsägaren, eftersom den med ledningsrätt har rätt att få ett avsevärt fördelaktigare upplägg på obegränsad tid. Detta …

The 90s impact on iot

The 90s impact on IoT

Do you remember the 90s? There are some very important milestones to remember from the 90s. Google was founded. The internet took off. The cellular networks were introduced. And perhaps most important, the term the internet of things was introduced.