Protecting Your Business: The NIS2 Guide You've Been Waiting For

NIS2 – Enhancing Cyber Resilience in the Digital Age

Discover the world of NIS2 – the EU’s latest cybersecurity directive set to reshape digital landscapes in 2024. From serious insights into compliance and industry impacts to fun adventures in cyber resilience, our comprehensive guide has it all. Protect your organization’s digital realm with NIS2, the ultimate superhero of cybersecurity!

industry 4.0

Unraveling the connection between IoT and Industry 4.0

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Industry 4.0 has emerged as the new era in industrial practices, or sometimes, the next industrial revolution. It’s therefore referred to as the fourth industrial revolution, reshaping how we operate within industries by infusing modern and intelligent technology. At the heart of this transformation lies the question: Is IoT …

Private 5G better than wifi

5G Networks: Public or Private? You don´t have to choose

Connecting the Unseen: Unraveling the Power of Private 5G Networks In the dynamic connectivity landscape, the emergence of private 5G networks marks a transformative shift. This article will delve into the universe of private 5G networks, understanding their essence, advantages, and distinctiveness compared to public 5G and Wi-Fi networks. Brace yourself for an illuminating journey …

Revolutionizing Urban Mobility: Stockholm’s 5G-Powered Self-Driving Ferry

Embark on a Futuristic Voyage: Stockholm’s Self-Driving 5G Ferry Ushering Urban Transformation Are you ready for an exhilarating journey into the future of transportation? Set against the picturesque backdrop of Stockholm, a remarkable chapter in urban mobility is being written. This is a groundbreaking world where a self-driving ferry is propelled by 5G technology – …

Endast 100 arbetsdagar med 3g kvar: hög tid att agera

Allt har sin tid: fet-tv, telefoner med nummerskivor, vänstertrafik. Men allt det där hör till det förgångna. Om bara 150 arbetsdagar kommer vi att kunna skriva upp 3g på listan över teknik som haft sin tid, teknik som är daterad. Och likt vänstertrafiken hade ett bäst före-datum, finns det datum även här. Om ytterligare litet …

Embracing Data-Driven Transformation with IoT

IoT has become a game-changer for businesses, bringing forth many benefits, including sustainability, continuity, innovation, and digital transformation. In this blog post, we’ll delve into how IoT can help organizations make data-driven decisions, ensure business continuity, drive innovation, and secure a position at the forefront of industry developments. Sustainable Solutions: How IoT Reduces Environmental Impact …

The Power of IoT: connecting the worlds

The Power of IoT; connecting the Physical World with the Digital. The world of IoT is transforming the way we interact with technology, bridging the gap between the physical and digital realms. IoT devices, enabled by internet connectivity, have become integral to our lives, revolutionizing industries from smart homes to smart cities. This blog post …

LPWAN going the extra mile

LPWAN: IoT going the extra mile

LoRaWAN vs. Mobile Networks: Which Will Reign Supreme in IoT Connectivity? Discover the characteristics, advantages, and applications of Low Power Wide Area Networks. Explore public networks, private builds, mobile network options, and alternative LPWAN technologies. Make informed decisions for seamless, scalable, and efficient IoT communication solutions.