APN for IoT and LPWAN

Unlock seamless IoT connectivity! Explore my comprehensive guide on APN settings for IoT and LPWAN. Dive into the world of efficient IoT networking today.

IoT meets AI

AI-IoT combo changes the game

Experience the next-gen IoT revolution where AI meets IoT, creating smarter environments, ensuring optimal comfort, efficiency, and a greener future through intelligent data analysis.

agenda 2030 and the SDGs

How IoT is changing the sustainability game

Discover how IoT technology is driving sustainable development and contributing to the United Nations’ Agenda 2030. Explore its impact on key SDGs, from reducing emissions to revolutionizing healthcare, in this comprehensive blog post. Uncover the transformative power of IoT in championing a greener, more sustainable, and equitable future.

IoT in-the-sky

IoT tar digitaliseringsfesten till rymden

IoT är på väg att kullkasta allt vi trodde vi visste om digital uppkoppling. Från oljeriggar i ödemarken till stationer i polarområdena, med IoT i skyn finns inga gränser för vad vi kan uppnå.

me-of-things sensors

Me of Things: Revolutionizing IoT for You

Explore the Me of Things (MoT) revolution in IoT, where sensors in everyday objects like headphones, pillows, and even hairbrushes are poised to make your life smarter and healthier. Discover how MoT is transforming technology and prioritizing your needs for a more connected future.

The Importance of Collective Defense in a Digital World

The Microsoft Digital Defense Report 2023 offers a deep dive into the evolving world of cyber threats. The landscape is more complex than ever, from the increasing sophistication of cybercriminals to the changing strategies of nation-state actors. Discover how technologies like AI shape defence strategies and why collective action is crucial for cybersecurity in 2023.

Iridium’s Billion-Dollar Bet on Narrowband IoT

With a projection of $1 billion in annual service revenue by 2030 and an eye on the lucrative narrowband IoT market, Iridium Communications is poised to redefine the future of connectivity in an increasingly digital world. Read on to discover why Iridium’s strategy is more than just numbers—it’s about pioneering solutions for real-world challenges

Protecting Your Business: The NIS2 Guide You've Been Waiting For

NIS2 – Enhancing Cyber Resilience in the Digital Age

Discover the world of NIS2 – the EU’s latest cybersecurity directive set to reshape digital landscapes in 2024. From serious insights into compliance and industry impacts to fun adventures in cyber resilience, our comprehensive guide has it all. Protect your organization’s digital realm with NIS2, the ultimate superhero of cybersecurity!