eUICC, eSIM and Multi IMSI SIMs

In this post we are getting to the bottom with one of the most common misunderstandings when it comes to SIM-cards, eSIM and eUICC. Let´s begin with eUICC. eUICC stands for Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card. It is a software component that can store multiple network profiles for different operators on a SIM card. Profiles …

2022 -upp är ned, och ned är upp

Det finns mycket att säga om 2022. Man skulle kunna kalla det året som var ett magplask, eller året som vände upp och ned på mycket. Hur mycket mer omvälvande kan ett år bli? Mitt i denna upp och nedvända världsordning, passar det då inte bra att vi just nu får se en ny 5G-standard födas, utan basstationer och cellulär infrastruktur? Tvärt emot vad vi väntat oss skulle hända.

Can the work environment be improved with IoT?

I had the honor of delivering a 15-minute keynote at the EU Tech Chambers IoT Alliance event Safety at work with IoT. I talked about how IoT can change work-life for people working with forwarders in the forestry industry, focusing on how IoT can improve the future working environment for not only these drivers but …

me-of-things sensors

Me of Things -the power in your personal internet of things

Me of Things is one of the new cool trends related to IoT. Sensors that we wear, sensors that we sleep with. Sensors that are either a part of your clothes or gadgets. Sensors that can be embedded in your hairbrush or pillow. These sensors, related closely to you, hence the name me of things, …

New dawn for the private radio networks

A new dawn for private radio networks?

Our view of security in communications infrastructure is changing, with a demand for security and availability when it’s needed becoming more widespread. In recent years, we have been exposed to terrorist attacks in Stockholm, cyber attacks on infrastructure, and storms. Municipalities whose IT systems have been inaccessible, shops whose cash register systems have not worked …

Is metaverse and 6G the same thing?

The metaverse is a network of virtual worlds with a focus on social connections. It is said to be the next version of the Internet with a single universal virtual world. I have defined 6G to be a technology that “unites different worlds, the human, physical and digital worlds, into one. ” SO, will 6G be the same as metaverse? Or is metaverse something else?