AI möter IoT -superkrafter i samverkan (för Aktuella byggen)

Under det gångna året har vi bevittnat en markant framväxt av artificiell intelligens (AI), en utveckling som har öppnat våra ögon för tidigare oanade insikter. Även om AI har funnits i många år har ChatGPT med flera andra tjänster gjort att AI fått en ökad spridning. För att minska vårt koldioxidavtryck och samtidigt spara pengar …

Beyond Bluetooth: Navigating the IoT Landscape with BLE

Dive into the world of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and witness its transformative journey from Nokia’s Wibree to becoming an IoT powerhouse. Uncover the efficiency, versatility, and industry applications reshaping wireless connectivity. Explore this in-depth guide now.

Data Protocols for IoT Part:3

Unveil the efficiency of Lightweight M2M (LWM2M) in managing IoT devices. Explore its cost-effective solutions, remote management, and support for cutting-edge technologies shaping the future of the Internet of Things.

Unlocking the Spectrum: LPWAN Frequencies Demystified

Dive deep into the frequencies shaping LPWAN technologies globally. From SigFox’s unlicensed bands to Bluetooth LE’s short-range magic, uncover the diverse spectrum driving the Internet of Things revolution. Discover the world of LPWA frequencies now.

Data Protocols for IoT Part:2

Understand the security constraints of IoT, exploring protocols such as AMQP and WebSocket to ensure encrypted communication and robust data integrity.

Private 5G Changes the Game?

Over the past year, private 5G has increasingly featured in discussions about wireless, local networks. So, what is a private 5G network, and why is there a need for one?

A Paradigm Shift in Technology: AI and IoT Convergence

The emergence of AI and IoT marks a defining moment in technological evolution. As we navigate through 2023, the synergy between AI’s data analysis capabilities and IoT’s expansive sensor networks transforms how we interact with and interpret data. This convergence is not just a progression but a paradigm shift, setting new data utilisation benchmarks for business innovation and individual empowerment. We wanted to discover more and combine AI and IoT, where IoT generates data, and AI analyses it.

5G Revolutionizing Forestry

Dive into the future of forestry with groundbreaking use of 5G, revolutionizing machine control for efficiency, sustainability, and a safer work environment. Witness the convergence of technology and tradition in reshaping the industry.