2009: officially ended but yet interesting!

With the 00-century now officially at an end, it is fascinating to look back at what interesting products and solutions our vendors placed in the market in 2009. So this is a post about the milestones in the wireless world seen from Induos perspective.

January 2009, Induo appointed to the Swedish partner for Smart Gears, a company owned by Hong Kong-based Fargo Telecom Group. Smart Gears develops tailor-made solutions for GSM, GPRS and 3G M2M market. “For clients, it may be about wanting to drive down costs, introducing new functions or other ways to differentiate themselves” writes Elektroniktidningen.

Shortly thereafter, and still in January 2009 appointed Induo the Swedish distributor of  GSM/GPRS modems from Maestro Wireless , also in Fargo Telecom Group. In addition to Maestro 100 modems we launched EDGE modem Maestro Heritage.

In February, the launch of wireless machine to machine communication: pre-configured, customized and loaded with knowledge. We turn the first M in M2M upside down and launch W2M, Wireless 2 Machine , which is rapidly growing in popularity.

In March, we test the hardware prototype for the upcoming  3G router UR5i with HSUPA by Conel , and we release the  SATEL radio modem with new software designed for GPS applications.

MMS camera is the next exciting news released in April. A mobile alarm system that almost anyone can install.

May is the month when Induo appointed a new distributor for RFM , a NASDAQ listed U.S. company which has been on the market for more than 30 years. “Induo is a Swedish distributor of products and services for wireless communication. They have been appointed the new distributor and strategic partner for RF Monolithics, RFM, on the Swedish market” Elektronik i Norden. First up is the radio modem ZN-241G and radio modules from RFM. A new rugged enclosure made of aluminum for Conels 3G and GPRS routers is presented.

In June Induo is appointed SATEL Distributor of the Year . In competition with nearly 100 countries and almost as many distributors, we are rewarded with an award we are still very proud of.

The summer goes fast, and in September we are launching next new product, an SMS-based product for remote monitoring through SMS and GPRS: TWCT2. At the Water and Wastewater Exhibition in Stockholm we presented SATELLAR from SATEL, a radio modem, which marks a new era in wireless communications for longer distances.

In October we are launching a new version of EDGE router, Maestro Heritage from Maestro Wireless, now in rugged metal enclosure. We present also a new wireless built-in module for sensors from RFM .

November, the month in which we combine both 3G and WLAN in a single product: RUT -105, a 3G router that is two times wireless.

December, as the only Swedish company, we are launching a very competitive subscription from Multicom Security for SMS and GPRS. “The new solution allows for using GPRS and SMS to remotely control and monitor the processes and machinery in areas like building automation, industrial automation, process control and monitoring.” writes Aktuell Säkerhet at their website.

It was 2009 in short. We promise that 2010 will be an exciting year with more wireless applications and opportunities than you have seen before. With the 00-century now officially at an end, it is fascinating to look back what interesting products and solutions our vendors placed in the market in 2009.