Private 5G Changes the Game?

Over the past year, private 5G has increasingly featured in discussions about wireless, local networks. So, what is a private 5G network, and why is there a need for one?

5G Revolutionizing Forestry

Dive into the future of forestry with groundbreaking use of 5G, revolutionizing machine control for efficiency, sustainability, and a safer work environment. Witness the convergence of technology and tradition in reshaping the industry.

Private 5G better than wifi

5G Networks: Public or Private? You don´t have to choose

Connecting the Unseen: Unraveling the Power of Private 5G Networks In the dynamic connectivity landscape, the emergence of private 5G networks marks a transformative shift. This article will delve into the universe of private 5G networks, understanding their essence, advantages, and distinctiveness compared to public 5G and Wi-Fi networks. Brace yourself for an illuminating journey …

Proptivity: 5G for properties

5G for Properties was an event by Ericsson and Proptivity, it was arranged at Ericsson HQ in Kista. I had a 15 min keynote, the topic was Inbuilding IoT – Today and Tomorrow. Watch the video from my Keynote here: Download my presentation

NB-IoT repetitions

NB-IoT part 3: repetitions

NB-IoT is designed to achieve a 20 dB coverage improvement over GSM’s MCL or link budget. The maximum link loss, MCL, for GSM is 144 dB. The maximum link loss for NB-IoT is, therefore, 164 dB. There are several ways that NB-IoT improved the signal over GSM. NB-IoT and Message repetition The downlink improvement is …

NB-IoT basics: part 2 power saving

For NB-IoT, the general design goal of the 3GPP standard is that the battery should last for at least ten years. NB-IoT reduces power consumption using mechanisms called eDRX and PSM. The eDRX (extended Discontinuous Reception) and PSM (Power Saving Mode) parameters allow the device to go into a deep sleep mode for a few …