IoT Network Economics: Foolish Missteps or Strategic Moves?

The hidden costs of IoT connectivity (4G vs LoRaWAN). Explore the intricate world of IoT network economics with this in-depth analysis. Are you on the path to success or fooling yourself? I’ve distilled the complexities of network economics into an engaging and informative read. Whether you are an LoRaWAN embracer or Cellular lover, your angle is covered.

Private 5G better than wifi

5G Networks: Public or Private? You don´t have to choose

Connecting the Unseen: Unraveling the Power of Private 5G Networks In the dynamic connectivity landscape, the emergence of private 5G networks marks a transformative shift. This article will delve into the universe of private 5G networks, understanding their essence, advantages, and distinctiveness compared to public 5G and Wi-Fi networks. Brace yourself for an illuminating journey …

Can the work environment be improved with IoT?

I had the honor of delivering a 15-minute keynote at the EU Tech Chambers IoT Alliance event Safety at work with IoT. I talked about how IoT can change work-life for people working with forwarders in the forestry industry, focusing on how IoT can improve the future working environment for not only these drivers but …