IoT in proptech

Transforming proptech with indoor 5G

Unlock the potential of 5G in proptech with indoor 5G. Explore the benefits, challenges, and practical applications of 5G-enabled IoT in buildings. Stay ahead of the curve and revolutionize property management with seamless connectivity and enhanced tenant experiences.


Reducing energy consumption in buildings with digitalisation

Digitalisation, or digital transformation, is a term we have heard much about recently. The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of many technologies that enable digitalisation. Digital transformation is often a technical exercise, but to succeed, the transformation must demonstrate business value. Driving forces for digitalisation The goals of organisations may vary, but if your …

iot for properties

Saving money with IoT for properties

Currently, the property sector faces major challenges in terms of energy use and energy management. One solution to get this under control can be digitalisation. Digitalisation is in full swing Tenants and property managers expect more digital ways of working – and things are moving fast. It can be challenging, but digitisation is by no …

Can IoT reduce energy consumption in buildings?

In the EU, the goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030. Buildings significantly contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, as almost 75% of the EU’s building stock is currently energy inefficient. In an inefficient building, much energy is wasted; it goes up in smoke. The figure is also high globally, …

Proptivity: 5G for properties

5G for Properties was an event by Ericsson and Proptivity, it was arranged at Ericsson HQ in Kista. I had a 15 min keynote, the topic was Inbuilding IoT – Today and Tomorrow. Watch the video from my Keynote here: Download my presentation