Sonic Showdown: Choosing Your IoT Connectivity Jam

In the ’80s, as the world pulsated to the rhythms of hard rock and the synthesized melodies of synth-pop, a striking analogy emerges when we contemplate the IoT connectivity world, specifically LoRaWAN and 4G/5G LPWAN technologies.

The Rhythm of IoT

The ongoing debate of LoRaWAN vs. LTE-/NB-IoT resembles a tug of war in the IoT world. There are numerous historical examples; one is the tug of war between synth-pop and hard-rock from the 80s. What if we translate that tug of war to IoT?

LoRaWAN, The synth-pop symphony

If we draw a musical analogy for LoRaWAN, it might harmonize with synth-pop. This connection arises from the technology’s intrinsic traits, characterized by its streamlined, precise, and efficient nature, akin to the synthesized melodies of ’80s pop music. LoRaWAN’s proficiency in efficiently delivering data over extended distances mirrors the harmonious essence of synth-pop.

LoRaWAN: The Hard Rock resilience?

On the flip side, if we were to portray LoRaWAN in a different light, would it embody the raw, unbridled power of hard rock?


A versatile playlist Shifting our focus to 4G/5G LPWAN, embodied by LTE-M and NB-IoT, these technologies are akin to versatile playlists, refusing to be confined within a singular category, much like music that spans various genres.

LTE-M & NB-IoT: synth-pop sensation or Hard Rock powerhouse?

Within this harmonious blend of connectivity, what if LTE-M and NB-IoT took on unique roles. LTE-M, as the synth-pop sensation of IoT, is much like a catchy, well-structured pop song. In contrast, NB-IoT emerges as the hard rock (low-)powerhouse, channelling the raw, unbridled energy of the genre.

Whether you think LoRaWAn is hard-rock or synth-pop may vary based on your preferences. When making connectivity choices, it’s about orchestrating the proper symphony for your IoT needs, where you get to choose the tune that genuinely resonates with your aspirations. In this perspective, we’re reframing the ongoing debate of LoRaWAN vs 4G/5G LPWAN in the IoT world. I am highlighting the individual strengths of each technology without forcing them into predefined categories.