Thinking frugally is good. Thinking right is better.

You should be terrified. After all, Corona was created by 5G, as anyone who reads my posts regularly knows. So now that you can vaccinate against it, I wonder how it works, do they inject tinfoil hats into the blood, or how does it work? Good thing I’m not the first one out, I’m allergic to tinfoil hats.

Speaking of vaccinations, I would have liked to see a collective vaccination against stupidity. You know when your arms are too short to reach all the way down to the bottom of your pockets.

Addressing the climate

Yet I wonder why I end up, time and again, in discussions where someone thinks the quick and easy way to hook up something business-critical is a trip to the Netonnet warehouse store and buy a nicely designed gaming router designed for the demanding environment of a normal, heated living room in the middle of townhouse country.

You take this piece of meticulously designed piece of carefully designed plastic, its power supply that can with a little luck withstand the temperature change of a normal cross draft and think that this hardware, it will be perfect in a fan system in an unheated tech room on a property in the outback.

I swear, it would certainly have stung to spend those several additional hundred dollars on something that is designed to actually work in the harsh Swedish reality.

Thankfully, during Corona, I have had the opportunity to help several individuals avoid the pitfalls or correct mistakes. But what bothers me is that the living room router never gets to do any good where it should, it ends up on a shelf, gathering dust, to no avail.

So please all of you who also think that the earth is nice we should give it a chance. Do your homework. Dare to ask.

DonĀ“t buy crap

Don’t take the easy way out. Reach deep into your pockets and dare to go for the right thing from the start. Then we’ll have a better chance of steering this climate issue in the right direction.

If you want a stall tip, if you’re not sure, look at the SKEF membership list, you’ll find all the experts you need there. And I can almost promise that it will also mean you find a sustainable solution.

In the bargain, the climate is saved and we don’t have to mass-vaccinate against stupidity, just one of those things.