Strategies for IoT Device Management

In an era where remote device management is crucial for business continuity and security, we delve into two key strategies: leveraging open standards versus proprietary solutions. From the evolution of mobile networks to the challenges of remote management, we navigate the landscape of IoT device management, exploring the pros and cons of each approach.

IoT in proptech

Transforming proptech with indoor 5G

Unlock the potential of 5G in proptech with indoor 5G. Explore the benefits, challenges, and practical applications of 5G-enabled IoT in buildings. Stay ahead of the curve and revolutionize property management with seamless connectivity and enhanced tenant experiences.

Edge intelligence on sensors

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a collection of disruptive technologies. IoT is one of several tools for digitizing work methods and organizational processes. The Internet of Things market is fragmented, with various technical solutions solving problems across multiple market verticals. IoT solutions exist for almost every vertical, including industrial IoT, medical IoT, etc. …


Long-term sustainable sensor ecosystems

Large-scale IoT, referred to by the industry as Massive IoT, is IoT systems with millions of sensors in small geographical areas. Large-scale IoT aims to collect data that can save resources such as time and money. But data must be reliable, and reliable data requires hardware that works year in and year out without problems. …

The IoT-ingredients

IoT -a recipe with three ingredients

To me, IoT is one of the greatest recipes. It consists of basically three ingredients. We want to monitor things, connect with things or position things. #1 The sensors First, the sensors, sensors that make it possible to monitor things. We want to monitor things like the indoor air quality in this room, the temperature, …