IoT -a recipe with three ingredients

I typically explain IoT as a recipe with three ingredients.

#1 The sensors

First, the sensors, sensors that make it possible to monitor things. Sensors to monitor things like temperature, air quality, humidity and similar. Sensors are like the bread and butter of IoT. Sensors are also, perhaps, the most typical thing we think about when talking about IoT.

#2 The actuators

The IoT-ingredients

The second thing we want to do with the internet of things is control things. Controlling things could be anything from the low-end applications like turning on your coffee machine. It could be to remote control a lamp or increase the heat remotely.

Connecting with things could also be a little bit more complex. Connecting with things could be the high-level applications where we want to remote control a car. Remotely control something near real-time using the 5G networks, for example.

#3 The trackers

The third ingredient is about finding things, and finding things has been around for quite some time—finding our lawnmower, boat, car. But finding things could also be about finding the tiny things. The lawnmower, the car and the boat all rely on GPS coverage. They need to receive signals from satellites to determine their position and tell where they are.

Some of these devices can also use indoor wifi tracking or using cell towers or base stations. But new emerging technologies like Wirepas and Quuppa, two cutting-edge technologies, can be used for indoor positioning in a groundbreaking way. They can be used to understand where things are indoors. Compared to positioning with wifi, they have much better precision, down to a couple of meters or even with Quuppa a couple of centimetres.

So these are the three main IoT ingredients. The possibility to monitor things, to control things and to find things. Now you have the ingredients. What will be your next recipe?