Me of Things -the power in your personal internet of things

Me of Things is one of the new cool trends related to IoT. Sensors that we wear, sensors that we sleep with. Sensors that are either a part of your clothes or gadgets. Sensors that can be embedded in your hairbrush or pillow. These sensors, related closely to you, hence the name me of things, will take care of everyday decisions to make your life easier.

MEoT Embedded in our everyday gadgets

Let us for a second look at the wireless headphones that we wear. Headphones that are probably great at streaming the sound from your music streaming service, blocking the surrounding sounds and are easy to wear. There are many upsides, and the headphones are an excellent platform for other sensors, which could be a part of me of things ecosystem. Let us play with the thought of implementing sensors in these headphones to measure our current mode. A sensor that can pick up the pulse or the body temperature. Then these headphones can easily interact with the streaming service, creating playlists based on our mood, not based on what we have listened to in the past. Of course, this is already possible in theory by using the data from another sensor, the smartwatch, but no one has picked up the stick yet.

Creating smart ecosystems

If we elaborate even more on the ideas of sensors on the headphones, we could use embedded sensors on the earphones to measure the room temperature around us. And this is where your me of things ecosystem will be able to communicate with other ecosystems, creating an even more powerful ecosystem. Now your me of things sensors can communicate with the heating at home to adjust the temperature in the room around you.

If we look even further, there are already me of things sensors on the market, like pillows that can track your sleeping pattern. Again, this can be an excellent foundation for an intelligent ecosystem for your bedroom. If you add another sensor to the mix that tracks the temperature in your bed, your heating system can adjust the temperature in your bedroom based on your preferences.

The connected hairbrush with sensors is yet one more smart IoT device for personal use and definitely something that is a part of me of things. The connected hairbrush has sensors to detect the state of your hair and recommend what kind of shampoo to use for the day to get the most beautiful and strong hair.

Me of Things -beyond cybecool

I am all for sensors that make sense for humanity. Me of Things is a delicate balance between a gadget race and what is necessary for society. The airbrush is not essential, although it is sort of cyber cool. However, there are parts of me of things that make sense and are necessary for the future. Measure your health proactively is a critical area. With more sensors deployed on you, it makes sense that your doctor is sent the sensor data stream and can monitor your health, contacting you if something is out of the ordinary.

Another thing that is very important for the future is the air quality, bad air quality at the office or home has the effect that we underperform. Bad air can also increase the risk of spreading diseases in our indoor air. So keeping track of CO2, temperature and humidity is essential.

From a greater perspective, outdoor air is as important; most likely, it will be almost as important as clean air in the future. So when the larger ecosystems in your mall, home or office, can interact with data from your me of things sensors, we can create powerful ecosystems that make a lot of sense for humanity moving forward.